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Moving to Serverless?

We’ve been expecting you.

We offer you Sigma; a serverless IDE built by developers for developers who seek easy adoption of serverless architecture

serverless adoption
Serverless application development

Adopting Serverless isn’t easy.

We understand you.

At its core, serverless computing is powered by Function-as-a-Service. Essentially, that’s what AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions is all about; handling resource management, load balancing, and multithreading, while the devs get to just focus on their code, and enterprise organizations on their mission.

Keeping up with things was easy so far;
but the serverless paradigm demands quite a shift in the developer mindset (not to mention the programming paradigm). This, combined with the lack of intuitive tooling, has fairly hindered the adoption of serverless application development, even among the cutting-edge developers.

The struggle is real

We’ve been there.

Alongside the big cloud vendors, an abundance of platforms and
open source frameworks are emerging to give developers the ability to host, deploy, and run their serverless applications.

Serverless vendors just provide building blocks for serverless
architecture and they expect technology enablers to wrap real tools around them. Real tools enable the faster adoption of serverless by providing easier usage and integration with serverless environments.

Speaking of real tools;

Start with a development tool.

We set out to devise something that could bypass all tedious steps of embracing serverless: something where we could just write our code, save it, and deploy it as a working serverless application, without having to wander from dashboard to dashboard, or sift through heaps of documentation or reels of video tutorials.

And we ended up with Sigma!

Yet another Cloud IDE?

Nope. Not a chance.

At first glance, Sigma looks like another cloud IDE that additionally supports deploying an application directly into a serverless provider environment (AWS and GCP so far).

However, there are a few not-to-be-missed distinctions:

Unlike many of the existing cloud IDEs, Sigma itself is truly serverless; it runs completely inside your browser, using backend services only for user authentication and analytics, and requires no dedicated server/VM/container to be running in the background. Just fire up your browser, log in, and start coding your dream away.

Sigma encapsulates the complexities of the serverless platform, such as service entities, access policies, invocation trigger configurations and associated permissions, and even some API invocation syntaxes, saving you the trouble of having to delve into piles of documentation.

All of this comes in a fairly simple, intuitive environment, with easy, drag-and-drop composition combined with the full power of written code. Drag and drop a DynamoDB table into the UI, pick your operation and just write your logic, and Sigma will do the magic of automatically creating, configuring and managing the DynamoDB table on your AWS account.

Sigma directly interacts with and configures the serverless platform on your behalf, using the credentials that you provide, saving hours of configuration and troubleshooting time. No more back-and-forth between overcomplicated dashboards and dizzying configurations.

Thinking of going serverless?

Dive right in and get started for free.