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The custom built IDE for
Development, Testing & Live Debugging of Serverless Applications

We at SLAppForge drive all industries to #ThinkServerless in the journey of adapting serverless technologies. We offer you SIGMA; the first custom built IDE for the development, testing and live debugging of Serverless Functions.

Alexa Skill with Lambda function in Python and DynamoDB

A 15-minute video showing the complete process of building a simple Alexa skill using a Lambda function in Python, developed with the Sigma IDE without any other software to download or use. Sigma allows you to update the code on AWS live within about 3 seconds for each iteration – which is significantly lesser than any other IDE or local development framework.

Finally, drag-and-drop to develop code to integrate with DynamoDB without having to search for sample code and cut and paste them to your functions which is ineffective and error-prone. You only need an Alexa developer account an AWS account (for the Lambda function) and a free account for SIGMA.

How SIGMA works.

It’s a completely browser based IDE with hybrid drag-and-drop code generation for AWS and GCP, which directly integrates with Git VCS systems as well as the AWS and GCP cloud services directly, and has no computers, VMs or Containers running behind it. Break away from the code, build, deploy to remote cycles and improve the developer productivity with a truly Serverless approach with no software to be installed! Try out Lambda functions in near real time, step-through and debug them as they execute on the real live AWS runtime.

For those who still use external IDEs, but want to step through and debug live Lambda functions executing on AWS, we have SLAppForge Live Debug for AWS, available for NodeJS, Java and Python (coming soon!), supporting popular IDEs such as WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, VS Code and PyCharm (coming soon!).

Develop & Deploy

develop & deploy.


Introducing cloud-based hybrid IDE providing fairly simple, intuitive environment, with easy, drag-and-drop composition combined with the full power of written code.

It is a truly serverless Dev tool kit which facilitates rapid building, testing and deploying serverless applications.

Sigma IDE - Editor
Sigma Dash for Monitoring



A buit-in monitoring dashboard providing invaluable insights of your cloud deployments. Monitor health and performances of your projects and functions in real time.

Serverless Debugging.

Live debug Lambda functions as they execute on AWS

Now you can test and debug your serverless applications locally. Perform step-through debugging of your Lambda functions as they execute on AWS with SLAppForge Debugger for Java, Node.js and Python.

Sigma IDE - Editor

Java Logo

SLAppForge Debugger for Java

Now you can test and debug your serverless applications locally. Perform step-through debugging of your Lambda functions with SLAppForge Debugger for Java.

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SLAppForge Debugger for Node.js

SLAppForge Debugger for NodeJS is a toolkit that can be utilized to perform step-through debugging for the Lambda functions executing on live AWS environment, using your own local IDE.

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Satisfied Customers.

Focusing on driving all industries to Think Serverless, we continue to grow in terms of quality rather than mere quantity, when catering its client base scattered around the world.

The clientele – which consists of individual developers and two key corporate players representing IT and FinTech sectors – have played a vital role, contributing towards the continuous enhancements introduced to the IDE.


“The Sigma hybrid IDE is the simplest way to build microservice applications.

The ability to quickly deploy and configure cloud resources directly from IDE accelerates the development process and enables our users to build prototypes much more quickly than they could otherwise.

Sigma is revolutionary for the development of microservice applications. The SLAppForge team is fast, responsive, professional and talented. Very pleased with their delivery.”

Matt Allan
Founder/CTO | Fintech Sandpit Limited

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