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why serverless

Why Serverless, why now?

Computing systems have evolved from hardware to virtualization, and finally to containerization. Serverless computing and applications allow users to build and run applications without worrying about servers and related problems, such as scaling and availability, and only pay for actual sub second usage instead of idle capacity.

To harness the full power and potential of Serverless computing, one must be willing to let go of traditional beliefs, development methodologies and deployment nuances of server-based computing and, Think Serverless!

sigma - serverless application development


Introducing the Hybrid IDE

The SIGMA IDE is a hybrid between the simplicity of drag-and-drop style development, and the full and unlimited power of raw code.

The drag-and-drop events generate sample or usage snippets to quickly get started, and introduce a powerful, uniform and intuitive library with auto-completion, which allow users to quickly become productive in developing Serverless applications that integrate with a myriad of AWS based services.

You do not have to switch between different AWS resources and configure them individually. Once you drag a resource or Lambda trigger, the integration work is automatically performed for you.

sigma - serverless application development
Only an AWS Account, Github credentials and a web browser is all that's needed!

SIGMA IDE itself is a native Serverless system. Its not an existing cloud IDE re-branded as a Serverless application development environment. Hence, it does not require a server/VM or an EC2 instance as a backend (See our FAQs). It's a customized editor only for the development and deployment of Serverless applications, and hence lightweight and fast, and it operates completely within your browser.

There is nothing to subscribe to.. nothing to install! Get started with samples or complete showcase applications.

sigma - cloud IDE

Develop and deploy directly into your AWS account

Until now, the lack of tooling and the mindset makeover required presented an obstacle for the widespread utilization of serverless computing and applications [Gartner].

SIGMA IDE disrupts this complexity with a seamlessly integrated hybrid development environment, that simplify the use of various AWS services with its uniform and intuitive library with auto-completion. These artifacts get deployed directly into your AWS account, and will only incur charges based on actual sub-second level metering based only on usage. In addition, changes performed over time, such as artifact undeployment is simplified, as the editor manages and cleans up resources from across AWS.

deploy to aws account
serverless application samples

Kick Start with in built samples

Start with the samples illustrating the simplicity of usage, or checkout the showcase applications: SLAppBooks and HotSpaces, which demonstrate that traditional server based applications and mobile/IOT applications are due to undergo a paradigm shift with the oncoming Serverless disruption!

Intelligent code completion

SIGMA comes with context aware intelligent code completion, which speeds up the process of coding by reducing typos and other common mistakes. Whether you are inside the editor or inside service UI popups, sigma will guide you through auto completion popups when typing.

development tools for serverless applications

Everything runs on AWS

aws platform

The full power of the amazing AWS platform at your fingertips

aws security

Security, availability and scalability from the AWS platform

aws deployment

Your deployments are 100% under your own account in AWS

pay only to aws

You pay only to AWS, for the resources used, at sub-second level metering

Serverless Computing for everyone


No server management


Flexible scaling


Guaranteed availability

no idle capacity

No idle capacity

Support for multiple programming languages

  • Node.js (Currently supported!)
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Go

Support for leading serverless platforms

  • Amazon AWS (now available)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba Cloud

Currently supported integrations with Amazon AWS

api gateway cloud watch dynamodb kinesis cognito rds s3 sns sqs


How does SLAppForge compare to AWS Cloud9?

Unlike Cloud9, SLAppForge SIGMA IDE does not require a server,VM or an EC2 instance as a backend. It operates completely within a standard web browser as a lightweight Serverless application itself. It has been designed and developed to cater for Serverless application development and is not a general purpose IDE presenting a browser-based interface. Everything performed with SLAppForge happens between your web browser and your AWS resources. Refer Cloud 9. How does SLAppForge compare to AWS Cloud9 The SIGMA IDE is a hybrid between drag-and-drop style development and the full and ultimate power of code. The drag-and-drop snippets introduce a powerful, uniform and intuitive library with auto-completion, which allow users to quickly become productive in developing Serverless applications that integrate with a myriad of AWS based services currently supported, and being added.

How much does SLAppForge cost?

SIGMA IDE is currently in Beta and free to use. Since there are no servers or EC2 instances behind the scenes, there are no hidden costs to use SIGMA. When you deploy and use Serverless applications developed with SIGMA, you will incur standard AWS costs for the actual resources used by the applications, which you will pay AWS directly.

Which programming languages does SIGMA Support?

Currently, SIGMA supports Node.js. Support for other languages such as Java, Go, Python and C# will be implemented in future. Let us know your order of preference and any other suggestions for improvement as we enhance SIGMA to be the Serverless development platform of choice.

Why does SIGMA only support AWS?

It's because AWS currently has the best support for Serverless applications, and time and resources on our end are still limited. We are actively seeking partnerships and funding to assist us to support other leading Serverless platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba cloud.

Why does SLAppForge ask for my AWS credentials?

SLAppForge simplifies your use of the AWS platform for building Serverless applications. Thus, the editor and deployment steps perform tasks on behalf of you on your AWS account. This is why your credentials are required.

Does SLAppForge save my AWS credentials or gain access to my AWS account?

No. SLAppForge does not save your credentials or grant itself any access to your AWS account. This is a key product decision that will not be changed or compromised. Your AWS account and resources remain completely isolated from SLAppForge.

But SLAppForge has an option to save my AWS credentials!

Yes, this is to help you avoid having to type in your AWS credentials each time you log in. Saving your credentials is optional. If you choose to save your credentials, we will save them into our (Amazon Cognito) user store. However, we will encrypt your credentials before storage, either with your login password (for direct signup accounts), or an additional encryption password (for social sign-up accounts).

Does SLAppForge host any of my runtime components that I develop?

No. None at all. Your code is saved in your GitHub account and runs on your AWS account. There is no dependency on any SLAppForge services after you complete your development and deploy to AWS.

Does SLAppForge obtain any permissions to my AWS account?

No. Your account never grants any privileges or permissions to SLAppForge or any other third parties.

We would like to invest in, or partner with SLAppForge.

That’s great! We are happy to hear about you. Please contact us, or email us on info AT slappforge DOT com.

I have a question not listed here

Sure, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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SLAppForge Announces Sigma, a Cloud IDE for Serverless Computing

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Feb. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SLAppForge, a pioneer in facilitating serverless computing and application development over multiple cloud platforms, has announced its beta release of Sigma, a brand new cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for serverless computing and applications, with initial support for the AWS platform.

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