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Think Serverless!

Next Generation Serverless Development Platform

We offer you Sigma; first completely browser-based IDE,
purpose-built for simplifying serverless development.

Enjoy all the premium features for 30 days!

Drag-n-drop composition

Drag-n-drop composition with

full power of written code

Drag-n-drop service entities and function triggers right into your code, and let Sigma take care of the configuration and integration burden for you.

A fairly simple, intuitive environment, with easy, drag-and-drop composition combined with the full power of written code.


Code completion.

Powered by Monaco Editor, Sigma IDE provides autocompletion, with context-aware intelligent code completion, speeding up coding and reducing typos and other common mistakes.

Whether you are inside the editor or a service UI popup, Sigma will guide you with autocompletion.

Intelligent Code Completion
One Click Deployment



Sigma directly interacts with and configures the serverless platform on your behalf, using the credentials that you provide, saving hours of configuration and troubleshooting time.

Artifacts get deployed directly into your AWS account, and will only incur charges based on actual sub-second level metering based only on usage. In addition, changes performed over time, such as artifact undeployment is simplified, as the editor manages and cleans up resources from across AWS.

Sigma keeps track of entity usage in your project, automatically cleaning up unused ones, saving you the trouble.

Also you have the ability to directly invoke a deployed serverless function.

Kick start with

Inbuilt samples

Start with the samples illustrating the simplicity of usage and witness the paradigm shift faced by traditional server-based applications with the oncoming serverless disruption!

In-built Samples
Quick Start

Save your code

In the Cloud.

Save and manage your code with your favorite vcs platform. Now supporting integration with GitHub and BitBucket and GitLab.


Live Debug Mode.

SLAppForge Sigma IDE has been providing the capability to test and verify your AWS Lambda code within the same AWS account before it is deployed as an actual AWS Lambda function. Enhancing this capability further, Sigma is now capable of invoking these test executions in “Debug Mode”, so the developer can fine-tune and find any issues in the code without spending much time and effort.

AWS Lambda Live Debugging

When a function test is invoked in Debug Mode, Sigma will give you a unique Debug URL. You can simply copy this URL and open it in Google Chrome. Once the Chrome DevTools Debugger is connected successfully with the AWS test Lambda environment via the provided URL, you have the freedom to debug the Lambda code; just like debugging a local application running on the browser, or any remote NodeJS process.

Truly Serverless Platform

runs completely in your browser

Sigma is not a traditional cloud IDE re-branded as a Serverless application development environment. Unlike many of the existing cloud IDEs, Sigma itself is truly serverless; it runs completely inside your browser, using backend services only for user authentication and analytics, and requires no dedicated server/VM/container to be running in the background.

Supporting multiple programming languages

  • Node.js – Now Available! (including v8.10 for AWS Lambda)
  • Python – Now Available! (View Product Updates)
  • Java
  • C#
  • Go

Support for leading serverless platforms

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) : Now Available!
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) : Now Available!
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba Cloud

SLAppForge Community and Support

Community & Support

Share your suggestions and feedback, ask questions, report bugs or
even ask for a pair of AWS keys to get started!


Issue Tracker

Let us know if something is broken, or needs improvement!


SLAppForge Community

Ask us anything. Even for a pair of AWS keys to get started 🙂


“The Sigma hybrid IDE is the simplest way to build microservice applications.

The ability to quickly deploy and configure cloud resources directly from IDE accelerates the development process and enables our users to build prototypes much more quickly than they could otherwise.

Sigma is revolutionary for the development of microservice applications. The SLAppForge team is fast, responsive, professional and talented. Very pleased with their delivery.”

Matt Allan
CTO | Fintech Sandpit Limited

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Focusing on driving all industries to Think Serverless, we continue to grow in terms of quality rather than mere quantity, when catering its client base scattered around the world.

The clientele – which consists of individual developers and two key corporate players representing IT and FinTech sectors – have played a vital role, contributing towards the continuous enhancements introduced to the IDE.