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A command-based toolkit

for your Sigma projects

Sigma CLI

Sigma now support building and deploying your existing Sigma AWS projects with the command-line toolkit Sigma CLI

Only supports AWS based deployments at the moment. GCP based deployments will be supported in the future.

AWS Lambda Java Debugger

Build and Deploy

your Sigma projects with ease

SLAppForge Sigma is a purposely-built IDE for developing and deploying serverless applications on AWS and GCP. As you may be already aware, when you develop a project using Sigma, it provides the capability to build and deploy your project via the Sigma IDE itself without any external tools. While this being very convenient and useful, in some situations it is required to build and/or deploy projects without the Sigma IDE. For example, if you are setting up a CI/CD workflow on GitHub, you may need to configure it to build and deploy your project for certain commits, tags, etc.

To cater to this requirement, we have recently introduced a command-line toolkit named Sigma CLI, which can be used to build and/or deploy your existing Sigma projects. This toolkit is available as an NPM module at the NPM registry, which can be installed as a global module as shown below.


Sigma CLI: Build and Deploy your Sigma projects with ease

Learn how to use Sigma CLI to build and deploy Sigma projects.

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