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Sigma IDE now provides new python support & live “Debug Mode” features to ease all cloud based serverless application development requirements.

Sigma is now capable of


SLAppForge Sigma IDE has been providing the capability to test and verify your AWS Lambda code within the same AWS account before it is deployed as an actual AWS Lambda function. Enhancing this capability further, Sigma is now capable of invoking these test executions in “Debug Mode”, so the developer can fine-tune and find any issues in the code without spending much time and effort.

When a function test is invoked in Debug Mode, Sigma will give you a unique Debug URL. You can simply copy this URL and open it in Google Chrome. Once the Chrome DevTools Debugger is connected successfully with the AWS test Lambda environment via the provided URL, you have the freedom to debug the Lambda code; just like debugging a local application running on the browser, or any remote NodeJS process.

Sigma introduces support for


Sigma IDE now supports Python as a programming language. When creating a new function, you can pick Python as the desired runtime, and then write, test and deploy your function in Python. This also supports simple drag-n-drop Python code generation for some of the AWS services, and you can always write your own code to invoke any other desired APIs – AWS or otherwise.

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We offer you Sigma; a serverless application developer tool; a cloud IDE, which helps you rapidly build, test and deploy serverless applications.

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