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SLAppForge Pricing

Select the plan that works best for you

Try our Premium subscription for free!

Try out the free 30 day trial of our Premium package. No credit card necessary! Once you are comfortable with the productivity improvements and value addition of provided by Sigma and our Enterprise framework, you can select a monthly or annual subscription, or fall back to the Basic subscription, our freemium version.

$ 0 /month

  • Sigma Serverless IDE
  • Single Cloud Account – AWS or GCP
  • 10 NPM dependencies per project
  • 15 Functions per project
  • 1GB memory limit per function
  • Security policy customization
  • Private repositories
  • Organizational accounts and users
  • Secure NPM dependency management

$ 7 /month

  • Sigma Serverless IDE
  • Multiple Cloud Accounts – AWS and GCP
  • Unlimited NPM dependencies
  • Unlimited Functions per project
  • No memory limits on functions
  • Security policy customization
  • Private repositories – GitHub / CodeCommit
  • Organizational accounts and users
  • Secure NPM dependency management

* Coming Soon! /Request evaluation

  • All features of the Premium package
  • SaaS-D Serverless Monitoring
    • No 3rd party SaaS subscriptions required
    • No 3rd party costs and fees
    • No 3rd party data transfer / full control
    • No external limits on retention of data
  • Serverless Security
    • Attack detection
    • Input sanitization / filtering
    • Application level firewall
    • Security policy enforcement
  • Serverless Integration
    • Hybrid cloud integration
    • Powerful event / message manipulation
    • Built-in auditing and logging
    • Performance and event monitoring

Your – Code / Cloud / Cost

SLAppForge Sigma itself is a Serverless application, falling into the SaaS-D category, where you utilize our hosted Software as a Service, but retain all control over your data. Hence, your code will reside in your own code repository (such as GitHub) while the applications you build will utilize and execute on your preferred Cloud provider – such as Amazon AWS or Google GCP.

SLAppForge does NOT request or have access to your code, data or account, and hence your total cost would be what you pay for your code hosting (e.g. GitHub costs – if any) and your AWS or GCP billed utilization. Our Enterprise framework also operates as SaaS-D and fetches data from your own AWS or GCP account and displays information for management, monitoring etc and operates. All Security aspects operate under your own account and billing