SLAppForge Sigma Cloud IDE for Serverless Computing goes GA for AWS

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SLAppForge, the company bringing serverless computing into mainstream use, has announced the general availability of its serverless integrated development environment (IDE) Sigma for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, with hybrid drag-and-drop code generation, least privilege security policies and one-click deployments.

Sigma is the first completely browser-based IDE, purpose-built for simplifying serverless application development for beginners and experts alike. In beta since February, it has been enhanced with feedback and usage by hundreds of users. Sigma now introduces experimental support for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well as built-in SaaS-D monitoring for AWS, with all monitoring data retained within the users’ AWS account with no third party access, data transfers or subscriptions.

Compatible with all leading web browsers, Sigma is itself a serverless application, connecting directly from the users’ web browsers to the selected cloud service provider APIs for all operations. All resources deployed by Sigma reside completely under the user’s own cloud platform account, and is subject to the same security, availability and scalability guarantees of the selected platform. The Sigma IDE seamlessly integrates with GitHub and BitBucket for version control.

Sigma's drag-and-drop code generation allows developers to easily integrate over a dozen key serverless services, such as API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB and RDS from AWS, and Cloud Storage, Pub/Sub and Cloud SQL from GCP. The proprietary quick-build feature of the IDE allows code changes to be applied into live deployments in about 5 seconds, and the testing tools with live log search and tailing boosts developer productivity. The Sigma IDE caters to modern systems and applications such as cloud, mobile and IoT, as well as for the disruption of traditional business and enterprise applications.

Sigma is free for most users, and will introduce paid subscriptions from 2019 supporting private repositories, organizational accounts and advanced security and monitoring capabilities.

About SLAppForge

SLAppForge believes that serverless computing will disrupt the way that all applications are developed and deployed in future. Its mission is to bring serverless computing into mainstream use. Currently SLAppForge is pursuing investment and technology partnerships that will help it achieve this mission.

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