SLAppForge incorporates US entity and announces new CEO

MINERAL BLUFF, Ga., Jan. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SLAppForge, the serverless technology startup, has announced the incorporation of its US entity SLAppForge Inc. and the appointment of Wallace Wilhoite as its new CEO.

SLAppForge commenced operations in February 2018, introducing Sigma; the first completely browser-based IDE, purpose-built for simplifying serverless application development, with drag-and-drop support for dozens of services offered by both AWS and GCP. Sigma was also the first IDE to support live debugging of Lambda functions executing on AWS, and SLAppForge announced support for external IDE based live debugging for NodeJS and Java in December 2019. The incorporation of the US entity is aimed at bringing wider exposure to the innovations developed by SLAppForge, which is now sponsoring multiple ServerlessDays conferences in the US and the UK, starting from ServerlessDays Cardiff, in February 2020.

Wallace Wilhoite joins SLAppForge after a career spanning over 40 years in Enterprise IT, and previously was the IT Manager for the Enterprise Monitoring and Operations Center of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), of the federal government. Wallace has also been a previous organizer of ServerlessDays events and an early adopter of serverless technologies at the CDC, where he implemented early observability technologies to provide visibility into AWS Lambda functions. Wallace was also a VP of Security Operations at SunTrust Bank and has spoken at many national infosec conferences (SANS, FS-ISAC), public health conferences and vendor conferences.  He was on the CISO council for SalesForce and Microsoft, and a CISSP since 2002. In addition to creating more visibility for SLAppForge, Wallace will also be meeting with prospective investors to obtain the necessary funding and establish key partnerships with relevant parties to improve the SLAppForge offerings and to develop a focused roadmap.

SLAppForge is forecasting an eventful 2020 with the global incorporation and the innovation lined up for continued development and enhancement of their tooling, while successfully documenting their work and knowledge in an exclusive serverless blog, empowering the world to think serverless.

About SLAppForge

SLAppForge believes that serverless computing will disrupt the way that all applications are developed and deployed in the future. Its mission is to bring serverless computing into mainstream use.

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Wallace Wilhoite
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