Sigma Project Info Window

The Project Info window ("(i)" icon on the toolbar) displays a summary of the current state of your Sigma project.

Project Info window

It has four sections indicating different aspects of the project:


Shows metadata of your project:

  • project name
  • project version number (editable)
  • project description (editable)
  • base cloud platform where the project will be deployed
  • cloud platform region for the project
  • URL of the project's source repository


Shows the current state of your IDE editor:

  • Unsaved Changes: the types of changes taken place since the last time it was saved (committed) to its repository, or none if there are none. Changes could be one or more of:
    • dependency: added or removed dependencies
    • code: code-level changes
    • resource: added, modified or removed resources or triggers
    • environment: changes in environment variables
    • structure: added, renamed, reconfigured or removed directories, serverless functions or other files
  • Unsaved Files: a list of files that have changed since the last commit, or none if there are no such code changes


Shows details of the last build performed on this project:

  • timestamp
  • name of the cloud platform-level build project
  • status (success or failure)
  • cloud platform-level ID of the build
  • URL of the build artifact, usually on a storage bucket


Shows details of the last deployment performed on this project:

  • timestamp
  • status (success or failure of creation, update or rollback)
  • name of the cloud platform-level stack used for the deployment

Additionally, this section would display (as separate subsections, collapsed by default):

  • output parameters from the last deployment (HTTP endpoints, DB URLs etc.), in case the monitoring process ran to completion
  • logs (events) from the last deployment, gathered during the monitoring process

Data availability

If the build/deployment information is unavailable (e.g. for a newly loaded or reloaded project), the corresponding section would indicate Build/Deployment details are not available. The sections will automatically get populated during the next build/deployment.

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