AWS Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a real-time streaming data service which makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze. Kinesis offers capabilities of cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale to get timely insights and react quickly to newly generated information. With Kinesis, now you can ingest real-time video, audio, logs, website clickstreams, IoT telemetry data for machine learning, and many more.

The Sigma IDE currently supports only the following type of Kinesis resources.

  • Kinesis Data Stream type (for triggers and for operations)

Kinesis as a Trigger

A Kinesis stream can be used to trigger a lambda function within a Sigma project. To insert a Kinesis stream as a trigger, a Kinesis resource should be dragged from the resources panel and dropped on top of the event parameter of the lambda handler. Next, the Kinesis topic configuration panel should be used to set a Kinesis stream as the trigger.

When a Kinesis stream is configured as a trigger to a Lambda function, that function is invoked each time a record is published to the defined stream. The structure of trigger event received by Lambda function is of the following format.

  "Records": [
      "eventID": "shardId-000000000000:49545115243490985018280067714973144582180062593244200961",
      "eventVersion": "1.0",
      "kinesis": {
        "approximateArrivalTimestamp": 1428537600,
        "partitionKey": "partitionKey-3",
        "data": "SGVsbG8sIHRoaXMgaXMgYSB0ZXN0IDEyMy4=",
        "kinesisSchemaVersion": "1.0",
        "sequenceNumber": "49545115243490985018280067714973144582180062593244200961"
      "invokeIdentityArn": "arn:aws:iam::EXAMPLE",
      "eventName": "aws:kinesis:record",
      "eventSourceARN": "arn:aws:kinesis:EXAMPLE",
      "eventSource": "aws:kinesis",
      "awsRegion": "us-east-1"

Trigger Parameters

Kinesis triggers have the following trigger specific parameters.

  • Batch size: The largest number of records that will be read from your stream at once.

  • Starting position: The position in the stream to start reading from. For more information, see ShardIteratorType in the Amazon Kinesis API Reference. Latest

Setting the Kinesis stream

In Kinesis stream configuration panel, it is possible either to select an existing Kinesis stream or to define a new stream.

Selecting an existing stream

To select an existing stream, first go to the Existing Stream tab of the configuration panel. Then, under the Stream Name you will be able to select the required stream from the list of streams you already own in your AWS account under your current project region.

Defining a new stream

To define a new stream, first go to the New Stream tab of the configuration panel. Then a Stream Name should be provided, and this stream name must be non-empty and should contain only alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), periods (.), or underscores (_). Then, provide a positive integer within the shard limit for your account under Shards. To request an increase in the shard limit of your account, use Kinesis Data Stream Limits form.

Kinesis Stream Operations

Kinesis Data Stream type resources can be used inside Lambda to perform operations on streams. To auto-generate relevant code snippet for the operation you desire, simply drag a Kinesis resource from the resources panel and drop on the required line in editor.

Kinesis Stream resource

When a new Kinesis stream is dragged and dropped into the editor, first the resource mode should be selected depending on it's an existing one or a new one and configured. Once the stream configuration is done, an operation should be selected to inject the code snippet into the editor. Currently Sigma supports the following operations on Kinesis streams.

  • Describe Stream
  • Put Record

Describe Stream

Describe Stream operation can be used to programmatically retrieve the information about the specified Kinesis data stream. The information returned includes the stream name, ARN, creation time, enhanced metric configuration, and shard map. This operation has a limit of 10 transactions per second per account. The fields related to this operation are as follows.

Field Type Required Supports Variables Description
Max Shard Limit Integer :x: :white_check_mark: Maximum number of shards to return in a single call Default is 100
Exclusive Start Shard ID String :x: :white_check_mark: The shard ID of the shard to start with

Put Record

Put Record operation can be used to programmatically write a single data record into a Kinesis data stream. This operation sends data into the stream allowing real-time ingestion and subsequent processing, one record at a time. The fields related to this operation are as follows.

Field Type Required Supports Variables Description
Data String :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: The data string to put into the record, the total size must not exceed the maximum record size (1 MB)
Partition Key String :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: Determines which shard in the stream the data record is assigned to
Explicit Hash Key String :x: :white_check_mark: The hash value used to explicitly determine the shard the data record is assigned to by overriding the partition key hash
Sequence Number String :x: :white_check_mark: Guarantees strictly increasing sequence numbers, for puts from the same client and to the same partition key

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