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AWS Alexa is an AI based virtual assistant, which is capable of voice interaction and executing tasks such as providing real time information such as weather and news. It can be also used as a home automation system by integrating with smart devices. In addition to the in-built capabilities, it is possible to develop and install Alexa Skills to enable additional capabilities on Alexa.

Alexa Skill as a Trigger

When such an Alexa Skill is developed, it is possible to configure a Lambda function as the backend processing component. For that in Sigma, an Alexa Skill resource should be dragged from the resources panel and dropped on top of the event parameter of the lambda handler. Then the Alexa Skill configuration panel can be used to configure it as the trigger.

Trigger Parameters

After an Alexa Skill is configured for the trigger, the following trigger parameters should also be defined.

Parameter Required Description
Skill Type :white_check_mark: Whether this Lambda is used for a Alexa Skills Kit or for a Alexa Smart Home application
Skill ID Verification :white_check_mark: Whether the Skill ID verification should be enabled for the trigger (only applicable for Alexa Skills Kit type)
Skill ID :x: If Skill ID Verification is enabled, the ID to be verified should be provided (e.g.: amzn1.ask.skill.a3d4b1a9-6931-45ce-b561-0a7d2f1899fd)
Application ID :white_check_mark: The ID of the Alexa Smart Home application (only applicable for Alexa Smart Home type)

Once the trigger is configured, and the project is deployed, the ARN of the Lambda function should be copied and configured as the Service Endpoint in the Alexa Skill development console.

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