Fintech Sandpit Limited integrates SLAppForge Sigma IDE into their FinTech community platform

Fintech Sandpit Limited wanted to integrate an online IDE into their FinTech community platform, which would facilitate its users to develop their FinTech workflows, applications, APIs and back-ends quickly and easily.

Realizing the value that Sigma IDE provides via its intuitive drag-n-drop coding interface, Fintech Sandpit Limited reached out to SLAppForge for a potential partnership. Their expectation was an IDE where users could drag-n-drop desired FinTech APIs from a predefined API collection, which would add the appropriate client API calls to their code - in their favorite language, be it NodeJS or Python.

"The Sigma hybrid IDE is the simplest way to build microservice applications.

The ability to quickly deploy and configure cloud resources directly from IDE accelerates the development process and enables our users to build prototypes much more quickly than they could otherwise.

Sigma is revolutionary for the development of microservice applications. The SLAppForge team is fast, responsive, professional and talented. Very pleased with their delivery."

Matt Allan
Fintech Sandpit Limited

SLAppForge took on the challenge and came up with a version of their IDE, which presents a palette of draggable APIs based on a set of customizable Swagger definitions. This allowed users of the Fintech Sandpit Limited platform to develop, test, debug and deploy their FinTech workflows right within their browser; dramatically reducing the overhead of setting up local development environments and tooling. The standard IDE features of Sigma IDE meant that they could also easily incorporate AWS and Google Cloud APIs into their applications, resulting in a highly versatile cloud development platform.