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We at SLAppForge brings

Serverless for all.

As a first-time user of AWS Lambda, one of our team members brought up an impressive series of questions: if serverless is so cool, why is it so complicated to get an application up and running in Lambda?

And we ourselves started trying out the same thing. Guess what, we got the same questions as well. So we set out to devise something that could bypass all those tedious steps. And we ended up with Sigma!

With the years of experience in enterprise integration, we lead ourselves to where we are today, moving forward with the serverless technologies.

AWS Lambda Java Debugger

We are always passionate about

doing things right.

AWS Lambda Java Debugger


Our power lies with the brilliant people who are working with us building exceptional software loved by people around the globe. We are always passionate about doing things right.


Our development process is based on agile methodologies. With regular project updates, live demos and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.


We keep ourselves up to date with most trending technologies at software space. And it means, keeping our eyes on the future, to know which skills we’ll need to deliver the best software application.

We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts

Meet Our Team

Asankha Perera
Wallace Wilhoite
CEO/ Co-Founder
Udith Gunaratna
Director of Engineering / Co-Founder
Janaka Bandara
Software Architect/ Co-Founder
Shyaminie Perera
Director of Legal Affairs
Akila Ishani
UI/UX Lead
Hirudinee Liyanage
Manager, Quality Assurance
Kumudika Rupasinghe
Associate QA Lead
Lahiru Ananda
Senior Software Engineer
Indunil Rajapakse
Senior QA Engineer
Thilini Cooray
Senior Accounts & HR Executive
Shanika Silva
Assistant Manager, Accounts and HR