Why Sigma is the best Serverless Tool for 2020?

Serverless computing gives scalability, no server management, and cost reduction, with a pay-as-you-go billing model. But adopting serverless technologies may be challenging for you.The big cloud providers’ serverless platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud Functions) offer low-level building blocks you can use to design and build serverless architecture development and operation platforms. But these platforms and frameworks in the serverless ecosystem require a good understanding of the components. Also it requires extended effort to design and combine them to fulfill your requirements, performance, and cost. With these limitations, serverless eco system is facing an era of transformation of serverless tools in 2020, enabling faster adotion of serverless.

Serverless tools for 2020

Given the newness of the serverless paradigm, the hard truth is that adoption is quite demotivated by the lack of tools available to embrace the power and full potential of serverless. Understanding the potential for effective serverless tools for 2020 SLAppForge offers SIGMA; an ideal cloud-based IDE catering all stages of serverless application development.

1. Drag-n-drop composition with the full power of written code

Sigma provides the ability to drag-n-drop serverless components, service and function triggers right into your code, and let Sigma take care of the configuration and integration. So you can start with basic knowledge and can do the advanced configuration just by updating the values using Sigma provided UI configuration panels.


2. Intelligent code completion.

Sigma, powered by Monaco Editor, provides autocompletion, with context-aware intelligent code completion, speeding up coding and reducing typos and other common mistakes.
Whether you are inside the editor or a service UI popup, Sigma will guide you with autocompletion. So regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, Sigma reduces the errors in your code and saves dozens of minute


3. One-click Deployment and Quick Deploy

Sigma is saving hours of configuration and troubleshooting time by directly interacting and configuring the serverless platform for you.
Artifacts get deployed directly into your cloud platform account — AWS or GCP. After that you can modify, add and delete the resources with just a few clicks. Sigma always gives you a change summary so you can easily get an idea of what you are going to deploy.
Sigma keeps track of entity usage in your project, automatically cleaning up unused ones, saving you the trouble. Also, Sigma can remove unused resources with just a single click.



You can use Sigma’s Quick Deploy feature to deploy your latest code changes within seconds.In such cases Sigma doesn’t take time to check and update the resources — just deploying the updated code.


4. Built-in version control support

Save and manage your code with your favorite VCS platform. Sigma is supporting integration with GitHub and BitBucket.


5. Test Events and Live Debugging

You can test and verify the code even without deploying the code to your actual AWS Lambda function. Furthermore, Sigma is capable of invoking these test executions in Debug Mode, so you can fine-tune and find any issues in the code without spending much time and effort.


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6. Live CloudWatch logs

You can see the live CloudWatch logs of your test runs as well as deployed functions, in Sigma using SigmaTrail — just like a normal application. Also, you can download the log file as a JSON or Text file.


7. Custom CloudFormation template deployment

Sigma is capable of customizing your deployment, by providing direct access to the final IaaS (infrastructure as a service) template — CloudFormation on AWS, Cloud Deployment Manager on GCP, and so forth. So you can add your custom resources and merge new attributes into existing resource definitions that are auto-generated by Sigma. This means you can deploy any type of resources as part of your project — even if Sigma doesn’t support them.



Researches indicates that the lack of serverless tools has become the major obstacle for many organizations in adopting serverless. If you are planing to go serverless in 2020, SIGMA is the best dev toolkit, out of serverless tools you can find in serverless eco system. Try SIGMA today! Start your serverless development right away.