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Stay tuned on what’s new in serverless application development and related trending topics in the business. Serverless blog by SLAppforge is a dedicated knowledge-sharing platform to become an evangelist of serverless technolical advances.

Business evolution is happening faster than ever. Enterprises are continuously experimenting with new strategies to outperform their competitors. Choosing AWS
The SLAppForge Debugger for Java consists of two end-user visible components. The first is an AWS Lambda Layer, and the
Why is everyone interested in moving to serverless computing? Nowadays the business world is incorporating serverless computing to gain success
Serverless tools 2020
The “serverless” computing paradigm emerged back in 2014 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a new cloud service called Lambda
Technological advancements shouldn’t always be viewed in light of profit and cost. At the rate the world is shifting from
Serverless application development is one of the trending technologies these days. Thanks to the rapid contribution of the leading cloud
It’s a matter of identifying the SERVERLESS NEED! As discussed in our previous blog article regarding how to convince your
Convince your boss to go server less
The decision to go serverless depends on whether you Think Serverless! If a 50 year old CEO was approached to
Have you ever used Serverless Caching? Most probably you would say NO! Certainly, you might not have used it as
Often you may need to set up a HTTP/S endpoint (webhook) for accepting data posted from another application or service;
Serverless Stream Processing: Future of decision making?
Did you ever wonder how "Google Search" suggests you when you’re half-typing your query—or how "Cheapest Airlines" starting to appear
Even long before serverless was born, message queues had been a popular weapon in the arsenal of software developers and
cloud computing
A while back, we announced basic support for Google Cloud Platform in SLAppForge Sigma, the one-and-only serverless IDE. That was
Can every storage service or database service be called a serverless storage or a serverless database? What makes one storage
application development
Serverless is currently one of the trending topics out there in software architectural patterns. Because of the tremendous advantages, there's

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Focusing on driving all industries to Think Serverless, we continue to grow in terms of quality rather than mere quantity, when catering its client base scattered around the world.

The clientele – which consists of individual developers and two key corporate players representing IT and FinTech sectors – have played a vital role, contributing towards the continuous enhancements introduced to the IDE.


“The Sigma hybrid IDE is the simplest way to build microservice applications.

The ability to quickly deploy and configure cloud resources directly from IDE accelerates the development process and enables our users to build prototypes much more quickly than they could otherwise.

Sigma is revolutionary for the development of microservice applications. The SLAppForge team is fast, responsive, professional and talented. Very pleased with their delivery.”

Matt Allan
CTO | Fintech Sandpit Limited

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