Wanna convince your Boss to Go Serverless? Just show him the return, instead of the system

The decision to go serverless depends on whether you Think Serverless!

If a 50 year old CEO was approached to “Go Serverless” in 2019, most probably the conversion would be a smile. For him it will be nothing but another approval requested by the IT manager who can explain a system minus ROI. Technological advances are expiring at a pace where an innovation is no longer an innovation the next day. Hence the need of defining how the use of technology will benefit the triple-bottom-line is more important than ever before.

In simple terms, one should be clearly explained why going “Serverless” is no longer an option but a priority. It all starts with the understanding that software development is not all about writing code, but a means of support to a business to achieve success and profit. And this can be further classified based on the stakeholders/ beneficiaries of Serverless Cloud Computing as a solution.



To Think Serverless is not an opportunity only for profit making corporations but ideal for startups, whichever the industry (i.e.: Technology, Hotels, Hospitals etc.). It is the fastest way to build technology based ideas with no heavy infrastructure, followed by all the above benefits regardless of your investment capacity. The entire process of going serverless is further encouraged by emerging cloud-based hybrid IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as SIGMA IDE which supports leading serverless platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

SIGMA is a solution developed by SLAppForge as a novel serverless application developer tool. It can be used to build, test, and deploy serverless applications with the first ever Drag-n-Drop composition to make life easy for the user. With SIGMA, building a serverless application becomes a simple matter of drag-n-drop of service entities and function triggers right into the code. Powered by Monaco Editor, SIGMA IDE provides autocompletion, with context-aware intelligent code completion, speeding up coding and reducing typos and various other common mistakes developers have to face on a regular basis. It is one-click deployment that abides to being a truly serverless platform that runs completely on the browser.

Basically, cloud-based IDEs offering streamlined serverless development will help developers and IT staff to unburden themselves from the woes of dev-ops and infrastructure, focus full-time on perfecting their business goals, and help them attain the ultimate IT nirvana.It’s just a matter of making up your mind to Think Servereless and Go Serverless!