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Stay tuned on what’s new in serverless application development and related trending topics in the business. Serverless blog by SLAppforge is a dedicated knowledge-sharing platform to become an evangelist of serverless technolical advances.

Deploying a Serverless Express REST API in 10 minutes
If you are a Node.js developer or you’ve built an API with Node.js, there’s a good chance you have used
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AWS Lambda debugging on VS Code
Debugging AWS Lambda functions in Node JS using VS Code
The SLAppForge Debugger NodeJS is a toolkit that can be utilized to perform step-through debugging for the Lambda functions executing
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serverless api
3 Things to consider when designing a Serverless API
It’s already 3 months into year 2020 and the whole tech world is now embracing serverless computing. According to Nasdaq’s
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Investing in Serverless Technology: Is it a trend or a requirement?
Did you know that according to CB Insights, the serverless market is expected to reach from approximately $1.88B in 2016
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monitor serverless apps
Serverless Monitoring: What do we Monitor when the Server Goes Away?
Monitoring your serverless application is crucial - especially while it is handling your production load. This brings us to today's
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Testing Serverless Applications Like a Pro
Like any other application, continuous testing of serverless applications is essential to ensure the quality of the product. Testing a
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serverless SMS sender
Building a serverless SMS sender in 10 minutes
A web based SMS sender can be a very handy tool any developer out there, which can be used for
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serverless application security risks
Serverless Security risks and how to mitigate them
Whether we are building a simple to-do list or a complex online banking platform, the security aspect of the application
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serverless security
5 tips to guarantee serverless security – while coding at full steam
Serverless security is becoming one really hot topic these days - especially with the ever-growing adoption of serverless computing. Yet,
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Serverless Tools 2020
Why Sigma is the best Serverless Tool for 2020?
Serverless computing gives scalability, no server management, and cost reduction, with a pay-as-you-go billing model. But adopting serverless technologies may
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Live debug your AWS Lambda functions in NodeJS
The SLAppForge Debugger for NodeJS consists of two end-user visible components. The first is an AWS Lambda Layer which contains the slappforge-lambda-debug-proxy
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Why AWS is more cost effective than traditional data centres
Business evolution is happening faster than ever. Enterprises are continuously experimenting with new strategies to outperform their competitors. Choosing AWS
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Live debug your AWS Lambda functions in Java
The SLAppForge Debugger for Java consists of two end-user visible components. The first is an AWS Lambda Layer, and the
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The key benefits of serverless computing with Sigma
Why is everyone interested in moving to serverless computing? Nowadays the business world is incorporating serverless computing to gain success
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Serverless tools 2020
What is the biggest obstacle to wider serverless adoption right now?
The “serverless” computing paradigm emerged back in 2014 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a new cloud service called Lambda
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