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Alexa Skills Development with Sigma IDE 

The Sigma IDE has added Alexa skill development support that makes skill development in NodeJS or Python a breeze! This makes building an Alexa Skill possible in 5 minutes with NodeJS or Python without installing any software - only with the web browser.

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Getting Started
the serverless way!

Develop Alexa skills, test them and debug them while they execute live on AWS Lambda, with the Sigma IDE to create Alexa Skills from its Voice User Interface (VUI) creation to the Lambda function development in NodeJS or Python. Sigma IDE allows developers to drag-and-drop AWS resources such as DynamoDB to generate the code for a database lookup, including about a minute for deployment yet complete the Alexa skill in less than 5 minutes! Subsequent code changes can be pushed to Alexa in less than 3 seconds, and even debug a Lambda function invocation and step-through its execution and look at the call stack and variables when using NodeJS with the Chrome browser.

Here are a step-through guide and live unedited demonstration to fulfill the developer’s dream Alexa Skill project!


Develop Alexa Skills in Node.js

Learn about building as Alexa Skill in 5 minutes using NodeJS with Sigma IDE

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Develop Alexa Skills in Python

This article focuses on building an Alexa Skill in 5 minutes using Python.

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