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AWS Lambda Live Debugging

SLAppForge incorporates US entity and announces new CEO

The incorporation of the US entity is aimed at bringing wider exposure to the innovations developed by SLAppForge, which is now sponsoring multiple ServerlessDays conferences in the US and the UK, starting from ServerlessDays Cardiff, in February 2020.

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SLAppForge Announces Sigma, a Cloud IDE for Serverless Computing

SLAppForge, a pioneer in facilitating serverless computing and application development over multiple cloud platforms, has announced its beta release of Sigma, a brand new cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for serverless computing and applications, with initial support for the AWS platform.

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AWS Lambda Live DebuggingSigma becomes the First IDE with Live Debugging of AWS Lambda Functions

SLAppForge, the underdog serverless technology startup from the Island of Ingenuity, Sri Lanka, has announced support for live debugging of NodeJS Lambda functions on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. In addition, the latest release introduces support for Python functions, along with experimental support to directly import and work with Serverless Framework based projects.

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SLAppForge Sigma Cloud IDE for Serverless Computing goes GA for AWS

SLAppForge, the company bringing serverless computing into mainstream use, has announced the general availability of its serverless integrated development environment (IDE) Sigma for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, with hybrid drag-and-drop code generation, least privilege security policies and one-click deployments.

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